About Us!

ImageWhen Dave's Tractor began in early 2000, Dave was just dabbling in the used tractor market. His hope was to sell between one and three tractors a month, just enough to make a living. In those days the business model was very simple: customers found a tractor they liked, wrote a check for it, and Dave delivered it to their door. Dave and his wife Carla were kept very busy, and eventually decided they would expand the business and bring on an employee or two. The used tractor market was booming, yet Dave quickly discovered that many people were also interested in brand new tractors, along with the option to finance them.

In late 2002, after a great deal of research, Dave's Tractor chose the Branson Tractor line to sell our brand new tractors. At the time Branson offered tractors from 28hp to 45hp. They were just getting started in the USA so it was a good fit with our company. Many people find that this heavy duty tractor fits their needs perfectly. Now Branson has increased their line to include tractors from 24hp on up to 78hp, with many choices in between.

Before long we found ourselves needing a smaller 20hp size tractor. Time for more research! This time we settled on the Mahindra line. We were very impressed with this tractor and when we found out they were Japanese quality, built by Mitsubishi entirely, that made it even better. Mahindra was new to the West Coast; in fact Dave's Tractor was the second west coast dealer to take on the line. In September of 2003 we ordered 20 of these models, which were quickly snapped up by customers. As Dave's Tractor moved more and more Mahindra Tractors on the west coast, other dealers were established and Mahindra found themselves in need of a distribution facility in the west. In 2005 Dave's Tractor partnered with Mahindra U.S.A. to become the West Coast Distribution facility. We assembled tractors, loaders, backhoes, and belly mowers for Mahindra for over 10 years. At times inventory was over 800 tractors on our little 8 acre farm! With the success of the Mahindra tractor on the west coast came the need for a much larger distribution facility. In 2015 Mahindra established a standalone West Coast Distribution center in the greater Sacramento area. Mahindra now offers tractors from 22hp on up to 105hp.

Dave's Tractor has been blessed to serve many homeowners, small business people, and other organizations. They are what make our country great. All along though, we have been aware that we live in one of the most fertile regions of the world, and as a result we are surrounded by yet another group of great Americans, farmers! In 2015 (again after much research!) Dave's Tractor began carrying the Deutz-Fahr line of orchard tractors. The Deutz-Fahr comes in an array of sizes, with or without cabs, A/C, heat and so on. These machines start around 65hp and go on up to 258hp, with many options to create a tractor that fits a farmer's specific needs.

ImageAnother need we have been aware of over the years is that customers want a way to transport their tractor (or anything else they may need to haul around). While attending the World Ag Expo in Tulare Dave did some research on the Diamond C brand of trailers and found them to be a very well made trailer line from a solid company. Again, it was a perfect fit! Tractors and trailers fit so well together, and customers have been very happy with this addition to our line of products for sale.

As we enter 2016 Dave's Tractor offers three tractor lines for sale, with generally over 65 Branson, Deutz Fahr, and Mahindra Tractors on the lot. We carry tractor implements (mowers, rototillers, post hole diggers, box scrapers, you name it!) that go with most tractor brands. We have a large full service shop, well trained mechanics, a parts department, three sales offices, and fantastic well motivated employees. We also have our large stock of flatbed, goose neck, equipment, and dump trailers.

We here at Dave's Tractor Inc. are truly amazed at how the Lord has blessed us through the years, allowing us to grow, learn, and work with amazing customers and employees. Although a lot has changed for Dave's Tractor in the past 15 years, some things never change. Dave, his family, and his dedicated employees continue to give honest, friendly service, while satisfied customers just keep talking to their friends and neighbors! Here's to many more years!


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