Events at Dave's Tractor, Inc

Mrs. Forward's Class - October, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 dawned sunny and clear, with the fall leaves rustling in the breeze through the pistachio orchard surrounding the Dave’s Tractor, Inc. retail facility, full service shop, and Mahindra USA West Coast Distribution Center just outside of Red Bluff, California. The staff at Dave’s Tractor, Inc. had been making preparations to welcome Mrs. Forward’s second grade class for a field trip to learn about tractors, and how (hard!) they work.

The children soon arrived, excited to get started, with teacher and parents in tow. (Mrs. Forward said this was a field trip the dads had been quick to sign up for!) General Manager Rob McFarlen had stationed eight tractors around the orchard with different implements to demonstrate how the tractors could be used for raking, leveling, mowing, rototilling, digging, moving material, and a host of other time-saving jobs. Shop Mechanics Jason Myers, Jeff McFarlen, and Paul Stubbs, as well as owner Dave Siemens were standing by to fasten their seatbelts and demonstrate how each tractor worked. Rob described each implement to the class, with an emphasis on the importance of safety. The students rewarded him with choruses of “Ooooh!” and “Wow!” as each tractor showed its stuff, and eagerly raised their hands with questions, wanting to know more or take a closer look.

After a demonstration of the tractors, Rob gave the students a tour of the loading dock and distribution yard, describing how an average of 100 tractors a month were shipped in from countries such as Japan, unloaded, and redistributed to dealers and customers all over the west coast. The tour then moved to the shop, where Dave’s Tractor, Inc.’s capable mechanics finish assembling many of the tractors before distribution, as well as take care of repairs and service work for local customers under the direction of Distribution and Shop Manager John Byrd.

The day was capped off with a picnic under the pistachio trees with pizza and ice cream arranged by Carla Siemens. The students were excited to find a Dave’s Tractor t-shirt for them to take home at each of their places on the red and white checked tables, and enjoyed a hot lunch after a morning spent working up an appetite!

As the students piled into cars to leave, and the staff at Dave’s Tractor, Inc. waved goodbye, one question remained unanswered…who enjoyed the day more, the students or the staff? I think it is fair to say, “A good time was had by all!”

In the words of one of the second grade students, “That was so fun to go to the Dave’s Tractors.  I feel like that was the best moment of my short life…”

The day was captured on video by Lee Siemens - thanks Lee for the hard work.. Enjoy the pictures in the below slideshow!

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