Events at Dave's Tractor, Inc

2nd Grade Field Day October 23, 2007

imageif only our customers were as enthusiastic as Mrs. Forward's second grade class about the things a tractor can do! We were pleased to welcome the class for the second year, for a field trip to Dave's Tractor, Inc. with Rob as their Tractor Teacher for the morning. They rewarded us with eager oohs and aahs, as our mechanics demonstrated some of the many uses of a tractor. Paul made a big pile of leaves under the pistachio trees in the orchard in no time with the rake attachment. All those leaves were perfect for jumping in, but it was time to move on to the next station, where Jeff demonstrated the ability of a rototiller attachment to prepare the soil for planting. Next we were off to the round pen where Laurel trains horses and gives lessons, and where Lee showed off the capabilities of the Arenavator for loosening and smoothing the soil. After watching Paul make quick work of a patch of tall weeds with the flail mower, Jeff showed how quickly the posthole digger could dig a 4-foot deep hole, ready to put in a fence post! The students were eager to cluster around to look down the hole before they filled it back in as quickly as it was dug! Finally, it was off to the big dirt pile to watch Dave dig it up with the backhoe, and Lee build it back up with the front loader!

The next item on the agenda was a tour of the inventory lot, where we currently have almost 300 tractors waiting to go home with a customer or be shipped to dealers all over the west coast and Canada. The students also toured the shop area where tractors are assembled, serviced, and repaired. A quick tour of the offices finished up our morning, before it was time for a Pizza Picnic in the orchard. Full of pizza and lemonade, and wearing their new Dave's Tractor t-shirts, the students waved goodbye and headed back to school for their "regular" work. Unfortunately, it was time for us to get back to our "regular" work as well. Thanks for coming, kids!

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